okay but everybody needs to go read My Heart is True As Steel by prettysailorsoldier right fucking now this is not a drill
new favorite fic I just
i pulled an all-nighter even though i had 10 hours of uni the next day because i just couldnt stop and its so perfect its so good i cant i cant i havent been sucked into a fic like that since the the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep 

  #i want to rant about this fic for days    #i mean the idea of it is pretty simple itself - just teenlock rooming together at school    #but the chARACTERISATIONS???    #and their interactions???    #this is a fic where you actually FEEL how well they fit together in their dialogues    #i have such a boner for funny and witty banter its my absolute favorite    #and ive missed the slow burn kind of fics    #these days all of the fics are just like immediately hardcore anal sex at chapter three or something i mean thats nice too but    #the slow burn and anticipation is the best part for me and its so long in this one    #and sherlock and john are so cute how theyre dancing around each other ESPECIALLY SHERLOCK    #OH MY GOD SHERLOCK IN THIS FIC I JUST    #SO JEALOUS SO CUTE    #you know those fics that make your cheeks hot and make you squeal and grin and trn your face into your pillow ecause you have to compose you    #YOURSELF for a minute dont cut me off tumblr    #on a scale of one to ten this fic is a 20 in that area i love it i love it to death    #this is a very embarrassing text post i must go now    #BUT READ IT    #read it    #reaad iittt    #kbye  
what happened to the 30 day otp challenge?



  #im not giving up i just dont have the time to draw during the week  

they made me do it 

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stream babies 

stream babies 

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trying this livestreaming thing does anybody have a request for me 

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i dont want to talk about it 

  #CRIES FOREVER    #YOU DONT UNDERSTAND    #sherlock and john in nature and nurture are so perfectly in love and so intimate and close    #them being in a big fight is like your parents splitting up or something  
Im just wondering, why do you draw john and sherlock looking so young?

Its hard for me to draw older people, everybody just looks like a teenager in my style… though I do love that soft innocent look it gives the characters too. I dont know, I’ve gotten some asks complaining about some nsfw drawings of mine because Sherlock looks too young to them, though I never actually try to make him look that young, i just really like him looking soft and pretty. Most of the time those drawings look normal to me because I’m used to it. 

  #im sorry if those drawings offend anyone i dont mean it like that    #howaretheystillrolling  
two lil easter bunnies

two lil easter bunnies

  #theyre talking secret easter things dont interrupt them    #they need to discuss where to hide the chocolate    #bunnyjohn    #bunnylock    #kidlock    #sherlock    #fan art    #doodles  
pretty boy

pretty boy

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30 day otp challenge: Day 3 - Gaming/watching a movie

  #turns out hes really good at just dance    #AND YEAH IM POSTING TWO IN ONE DAY WHATCHA GONNA DO    #teenlock    #johnlock    #sherlock    #fan art    #30 day otp challenge    #still a fucking mess